Club Tour

The X Club is Canada's largest, hottest & most elegant Sexy Social Club catering to upscale couples, single women, and respectful single men.

It's the place where curious and open-minded individuals can attend a club like this for the first time and feel comfortable to move at their own pace.

We throw a variety of themed events and a selected number of Super Parties per year which continue to be SOLD OUT. During themed events and Super Parties, the club will give you a mind blowing, sensory overloading Xperience that will only leave you wanting more.

What is a Sexy Social Club? A Sexy Social Club is a safe, fun, and sexy venue that welcomes people from all walks of life to explore and be free of judgement.

Friday and Saturday nights cater to a sexy crowd of couples and singles (Single men not allowed on Saturday evenings) who want to come and listen to the talented DJ's, dance the night away or explore in our 5000sf play area equipped with private rooms, open concept play area and a new Kink room. Our club also hosts events for the LGBTQ+ community. These events include Drag shows, Kink events and Vanilla gatherings.

Our motto is simple, you can come and…

DANCE: Enjoy our talented DJ's, elegant atmosphere and dance the night away

FLIRT: Come with your partner, reignite that spark, flirt with each other or a new friend(s)

PLAY: Explore your deepest fantasies in our 5000sf X Lounge Play area.