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I just attended my first alternative lifestyle event at X Club as a single woman.

I just attended my first alternative lifestyle event at X Club as a single woman.  It took a lot of courage to get myself there and I am so glad I did!  I could not have asked for a better evening.  The tone is set right at the front door with the doorman being an absolute gentleman.  Even my cab driver that took me home at the end of the night commented on what a nice guy he was.  The two woman at the front desk were professional with happy and sweet demeanours as they helped me get registered.  As soon as I stepped foot into the lounge, I was paired up with a host couple and provided a tour.  From there, I was introduced to other single women that very gently immersed me into the crowd.  After an affordably priced shot of tequila, I went on my own and had a simply amazing night.  Beautiful décor, a great range of people, and a very positive and friendly vibe.  Can’t wait for the next event!

Rachel D.

We are very very sorry we don’t live here in Toronto – we would visit every week...

We found this club through a magazine. It is the right spot for people like us. High quality, upscale, nice rooms and interior. Music for dance and flirt, very good service from door woman, to the bartender, the rest of the staff. Kind relaxing and still exciting atmosphere. We payed the $20 in entrance, and it was absolutely value for money. We did not have any intention of the big orgy or gangbangs. We found our own intimate spots in two of the private rooms. I had the greatest opportunity to punish my naughty wife in the first private room equipped with hand cuffs, clean towels, a mirror, different kinds of paddles and whips. She got aroused immediately tied to the wall and moaning for more. We found another room with slight covered windows and made love. After this we changed to nude and entered the very nice classy open lounge from where we have heard an excited woman moaning for long. We occupied the last of three small lounge beds and had a great time with the two other couples having fun very close to us. It was a classy experience, it was intimate and no pressure. Everyone was very nice. Our evening ended when my wife half nude entered one of the poles and performed the sexiest show I have ever seen. It was breathtaking. We are very very sorry we don’t live here in Toronto – we would visit every week, if that was the fact.

With love and respect
K & C from Scandinavia

My partner and I have become members and very much look forward to making X Club our regular spot...

I have heard about your club for months now and finally made it in over the weekend and I just have to say…X Club lives up to all the hype I’ve been hearing!

I had such a great time (in fast 2 days later and I’m still thinking about it!) and I absolutely love the club! I think you all have done a wonderful job of creating fun, relaxed, and intriguing venue for swingers to come have some fun! The club is high end with a diverse and fantastic group of people…when so many clubs can often come off us seedy and under-wordly, X Club has some how managed to make me feel like I’m out at a regular night club having a carefree time, where orgies and sex with new people are normal and part of everyday life. A club that doesn’t create a divide between regular life and the lifestyle, but instead embraces and melds both…love it!

My partner and I have become members and very much look forward to making X Club our regular spot. Thank you for creating such a great club and I look forward to seeing more as the reno’s are being completed!

To your continued success – see you next weekend
L and M 🙂

Thank you for making our first of MANY experiences to come...

Our First Time!

We went to the x club last night for the first time. First time in any club like this. We heard reviews and knew this one was the best. Those rumors were proven true by people we had met there.

We got there and sat in the car for a few minutes. Nervous. Anxious. Excited. We got to the door and we were greeted by one of the owners, who welcomed us inside and told us once we were in, he would personally give us a tour. Where else can you go that you meet the owner and they give you a tour?

We registered, went in and I checked my coat. We felt awkward. Like we weren’t sure how to act or what to expect.

He walked us in to the shoot the shit room (quiet lounge area) and told us all about how it works. How there are rules and they are strictly policed by staff. No second chances. I liked that. I felt safe all of a sudden. I was also worried that he (Hubby) and I might not be clear on etiquette and do something sexually unacceptable in the wrong area. We are VERY adventurous and know that we do WAY more than the average bear. Even at the end of the night we thought the same lol. We didn’t see anything as wild as we do at home. But maybe next time. And there WILL be a next time….

So we learned the rules and understood that everyone there respects everyone else and the club itself. Then he took us in the back.

We saw rooms and rooms just waiting for someone to come in. He had us go in the last one on the right. He told us to figure out why this one was so popular…. I look to the side and the room had a window and through that window I see what looked like the most fun anyone could have. Beds. Stacked side by side.

So we walk through. I was so excited. It was empty because it was early but my imagination was running wild. The possibilities were endless.

He explained the locker/towel rules etc and walked us back out to the dance floor. He said enjoy your night and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I felt comfortable in doing that.

We grabbed a drink and sat down to take it all in. We just wanted to watch for a while. It started heating up in there. I got up and danced for a while and started feeling the sensuous atmosphere. Hubby was too. It was amazing to watch other people out there and be allowed to fool around too. No more strip joints where you just get to sit and watch, doing nothing.

We met a couple, talked for a bit, learned about the negatives of other clubs (cleanliness, etc). We felt no reason to go anywhere else. We went out for a smoke and talked about the next phase of the night. Confirmed what we were there for, what we wanted etc. We just wanted to keep to ourselves last night.

We took a deep breath, and went back in knowing where we were headed. We got a locker and stripped down. That felt weird yet it wasn’t like at the swimming pool change room where people pretend not to stare at you. People looked. And it felt great.

We walked in the group area and sat on a couch. It was fantastic. The sounds, the passion, the greatness of the whole thing. We waited for a spot and got in. It was nothing like we had ever experienced before. People watching. Us watching them. It was amazing.

We stayed until closing and even then didn’t want it to end. We left with huge smiles on our faces and still now can’t stop thinking about it. It’s unreal what being there does to your libido. We got home at 4am and the night didn’t end there. We can’t keep our hands off each other today. We can’t wait to go again. Unfortunately with 5 kids between the two of us, we will have to wait a bit.

Thank you for making our first of MANY experiences to come as awesome as it was. I will definitely recommend your club.


You and your staff were all so very approachable and wonderful, making us new comers feel right at home...

I have been meaning to email you to let you know just how impressed we were with your club. I’m sure you are well aware of what a great establishment you have but to reiterate… we had an amazing time and WILL be back again.

You and your staff were all so very approachable and wonderful, making us new comers feel right at home.

Thanks again for a great first experience
(S & J)

The cleanliness of the club made us feel safe, the entire staff made us feel very welcome...

We were very impressed with everything and everyone we met at the club. The cleanliness of the club made us feel safe, the entire staff made us feel very welcome (in particular the staff member who gave us a tour of the back area) and the patrons were very respectful of our privacy and when we were being watched it was done with a high level of class.

We were blown away by the X Club and are very happy to be members going forward. We plan on attending regularly, likely next weekend.

Again, many thanks.

(J & K)

We wanted to let you know you have changed the club for the better...

“I needed a few days to shake the cobwebs from Saturday night.  But I had to tell you-wow.  What a party.  Our night was absolutely wonderful.  Thank you so much.

We wanted to let you know you have changed the club for the better.  It was never “bad” before-but it is REALLY good now.  We attended Saturday night with our girlfriend who also remarked it was a party unlike any other and is asking to come back!One thing that my wife and I have always maintained is although many people go to X for the on-premise party in the back, there are just as many coming to party and dance.   And although we love the previous resident DJ’s, The DJ’s on deck (Ms.Tara AND Rueben) both kept my party dancing all night long looking for more.  Please keep the music coming.

I can’t thank you enough for making the X club the place we knew it could be.  And giving us a place we can always count on for a fantastic time.  Have a great week and we may be seeing you sooner than we thought.

Karin and Nick”

Been to 2 other lifestyle clubs expecting the same as X-Club, I was greatly disappointed...

Been going to The X Club for 4 years. Unreal!!! Sexy, inviting, friendly, non-aggressive and a Woman’s Playground. Been to 2 other “lifestyle” clubs expecting the same as X-Club, I was greatly disappointed. X Club is like an alternate Universe. Better than any fantasy of the Playboy Mansion:)

X club is known for beautiful people and class...

X Club is alway’s #1…..some people try different club and alway’s keep coming back….it’s not only the place is the people in the club…..X club is known for beautiful people and class……..:))). I’m saying this because it’s the truth……we try different club nothing compare…….LOL.

We our getting close to our 3 year attending the club and it just keeps getting better and better...

Thanks to The X Club staff for making X such a great place to party. We our getting close to our 3 year attending the club and it just keeps getting better and better. X Rocks!

We enjoy ourselves dancing the night away, among other things...

Hello to all. I have visited the X Club three times now and have had a great time. I have a few female friends that convinced me that I should come. We enjoy ourselves dancing the night away, among other things and the gals even convinced me to get up and pole dance for them. Now that was a first. Not only were their eyes glued to me, but it was noticable that others throughout the club seemed to be enjoying my pole dancing as well. Perhaps I could be convinced to get up and entertain all the ladies again.

I am very impressed with the club and have felt very comfortable there. I have met a couple of couples there and have had a great time chatting and dancing and….well, let’s just leave that to your imagination. *smiling*

We just attended the Cowboy and Cowgirl theme night and enjoyed our night immensely. I look forward to attending many other theme nights. It is fun dressing up for the occasion.

I am sure I will be attending the Gigilo night for an evening of fun and laughter.

I look forward to enjoying many more great evenings.

See you all at the X Club.

I wanted to thank you for the warm welcome. I really liked the club. The decor was superb...

I wanted to thank you for the warm welcome. I really liked the club. The decor was superb. I had a really nice evening but unfortunately had to leave earlier. The club is a really nice place to have some fun. People were really nice and open minded.

I am looking forward to come again hopefully next week.

Just wanted to thank you for this great job, great and superb atmosphere.


We've been to the club now a couple of times and love it...

We’ve been to the club now a couple of times and love it! Definitely the best nights out we’ve had and they’ve sparked our relationship and moved it to a new level. The Halloween party was completely amazing and the limo rides from and to the hotel made it all that much more special with absolutely nothing to worry about; just had to relax and enjoy ourselves. We couldn’t be happier with our new decisions and have the staff at The X Club to thank 🙂

Also, I am bringing my lady on November 10 for her 30th birthday party so it’s kind of a big deal for her so I’m just wondering if there is anything special done on birthdays? I’m trying to surprise her with something at the club but need a little bit of help in deciding. We also have a room at the Residence Inn for the night. She knows we’re going out that night but doesn’t know that I’m trying to set up something to surprise her.

Thank you so much,

Robert G – Hollywood actor and movie/TV Director

The X Club

Sexual fantasy is no longer just in magazines, such as Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler, or only on the internet. It is in your face, right here in suburban neighborhoods. Thousands of couples are in “The Lifestyle”. They no longer have to go to movies to see sex stars on the big screen. Everyone can be their own star. Forget video game virtual reality, this place is real. Forget Paris, Brittney or Lindsay. Once inside this club, everyone can be an instant star. The atmosphere is like a new drug of complete, uninhibited, hedonistic, exhibitionism and voyeurism, all put on “by the girls next door!” These young women are not strippers, porn stars or hookers. They are school teachers, stock brokers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, secretaries, librarians, moms, daughters, sisters, cousins, aunts, all who have something in common – they want attention and they want to be as free as men in expressing their sexuality. They come from all over the country, couples driving for hours, others flying in from different cities to partake in an event that makes them the center of attention for the night. No guilt, no inhibition, no repression. They get caught up in the energy doing things they never thought possible. These women out dress Hollywood’s red carpets and can undress faster than a Paris Hilton video. They are perfectly willing to expose themselves to crowds of hundreds of people. It turns the tables on everything you thought you knew about the sexual stereotypes in today’s society. The music and dancing never stops. This show lifts the curtain on what’s really going on in the private lives of your friends and neighbors. New couples joining every week, partaking in Lifestyle vacations, cruises, resorts. These young adult couples clearly enjoy their alternative choice in Lifestyle.


You really can't do any better than The X Club...

X Club Marks the Spot for Swingers

So we’re smack-dab in the middle of Pride Week and the city’s nearly bursting with things to see and people to do but where was I amidst all of this excess and debauchery? I wasn’t at Big Primpin’, pretty much the only party worth a damn that night.

No sir, I was in Mississauga, exploring The X Club one of a number of swinger’s clubs clustered in one of those industrial parks that I always get lost in whenever I venture outside Toronto.
Thankfully, I had a pair of guides, two regulars who had very kindly offered to drive us there. I also had a date because you don’t go to a place like that all by your lonesome; that’s just creepy and wrong.

As we talked about the scene, we learned that a big part of the appeal when it comes to the location of these clubs is discretion. Some of the folks who go don’t necessarily want their neighbors or family knowing what they’re up to and, unlike with Club Wicked, you’re not lining up in your neighborhood.

Another aspect of it, according to our guides, was improving relationships between couples. This makes sense to me. If you have partner who honestly encourages your fantasies instead of trying to repress you, it seems like there’d be a good chance of strengthening the emotional bound between you two. Think about it, how many relationships have you known where either partner couldn’t satisfy their desires solely with their partner? Leaving aside all of the binary moral discussions of sex versus love, there are quite a few solid case studies to draw from and I for one wouldn’t dream of suggesting that monogamy is the only way to go.

Like any scene, there’s a whole lot more going on than the main event. These places really function as a place for like-minded folk to get together and have a good time. As everyone knows, it’s far nicer to be able to take some things for granted and not have to worry about justifying your predilections to those around you.

So not everyone’s there to hook up but The X Club, while having a vibe similar to any kind of social outing, is also very, very hot. Quite a few folks got up on stage for a swing on the pole and I haven’t seen this much petting outside of a gay club.

That being said, it was a very heteronormative environment and while some women were playing together, I didn’t see any guys doing the same. Granted, since this is an off-premises club (people hook up elsewhere) a lot of hijinks could be happening but I keep on asking myself whether this is something that’s frowned upon or just indicative of it being more socially acceptable for women to play with each other.

Even so, everyone was so friendly! I have never been to any club (aside from a couple of raves at the Guv) where people were so welcoming to newcomers. In several conversations with other newbies, I found they were having similar experiences and it seemed like the kind of place one could easily enter the scene through.

Better yet, I found myself in the bathroom, talking to guy at the next urinal. How often does that happen without any ulterior motives or uncomfortable silences? That is perhaps one of the coolest things that’s happened to me in a club, ever.

Unfortunately, we had to leave far too soon and that was just as my date and I were testing out the beds too (strictly for research purposes, I swear). I will be back.

Coming back downtown, I was struck by how good a time I’d had. The X Club was a great environment, full of friendly people who know how to have a good time, and it stands in stark contrast to my experience at Club Wicked.

If you and your partner have ever had the urge to try something different (and you have the means to get there), you really can’t do any better than The X Club.

(Posted by Japhet…he was a reporter that visited our club to compare to others in the city)

Thank you for the great night yesterday...

Dear X Club,

Thank you for the great night yesterday… at first it was a bit of a slow start but later it really sky rocketed! If you still remember me and you see the ladies (3) and the one guy I was with later in the evening again (they were going to come again this saturday-night!) tell them I had the time of my life and give a special thanks to ‘my special ‘shy’ girl’!
Thanks again.
Unfortunately I do not live close by enough to become a regular visitor…. 🙁

Kind regards
From Amsterdam on a Friday night

The club itself is very classy and sexy. The music was great...

“Just wanted to thanks everyone for making our first visit to X-Club such a wonderful experience. The club was fantastic. The club itself is very classy and sexy. The music was great, and the people were even better. We were made to feel very comfortable right from the beginning by the owners and everyone else. The experience went way beyond our expectations. Thank you! Special thanks to J and M for the nightcap!!”

The club made us feel welcome from the moment we entered...

“My wife and I have visited many clubs not only in Toronto but in the US and in Europe. I must say that our first experience at The X Club last night was simply amazing. The club made us feel welcome from the moment we entered. The door staff (cousin Jimmy -now that is funny) and the manager took great care of us. The crowd was very diverse and there was lots of eye candy everywhere! To top it all off a wet tee shirt contest that would excite even the most experienced club goers..well done X Club…”

Flickering screens with an endless flow of the sexiest music-video segments...

“The X Club is a sophisticated nightclub, with a seductively stylish edge. Every detail creates a sensual evening: eclectic music, mixing the most booty-shakin’ contemporary dance-floor beats, spiced with terrific retro-groves; elegant elevated seating overlooking gyrating eye-candy on the spacious dance area; flickering screens with an endless flow of the sexiest music-video segments, melting into more erotic, even explicit scenes… In short we’ve consistently enjoyed the arousing experience that is your outstanding establishment. Keep up the good work!

(E & K)

Staff and guests that have always made me feel welcome and comfortable...

“As a single woman, I would like to compliment the friendly staff and guests that have always made me feel welcome and comfortable. I have always been able to enter the club alone without feeling awkward or unsafe. I never have to worry about anyone judging me or feeling pressured as everyone is valued and treated with respect. I enjoy coming to the X club because it provides a very comfortable atmosphere where I can express myself in ways I never have. The X club has given me the opportunity to meet new sexy singles & couples and be able to explore new experiences. I enjoy coming to the X club because of the high energy and the very incredibly sexy women. It seems that every time I go, it is a completely different experience, with new sexy people, and the fun just continues! Thanks again!”


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