At The X Club, we're proud to present our DJ lineup, a collective of musical maestros who know how to keep the party alive. These artists have become the heart and soul of our club, curating unforgettable nights with their unique and electrifying soundscapes.

Our in-house DJ all-stars are the architects of the unforgettable nights you'll experience at our venue. Each one brings their own style, influences, and creativity to the turntables, ensuring that every night is a unique sonic journey.

From pulsating beats to soulful melodies, they craft the soundtrack that makes our dance floor come alive. Whether you're a fan of EDM, hip-hop, house, or any genre in between, our in-house DJ lineup has something special in store for you. Discover the energy, passion, and expertise that our DJs bring to the table. Their music is more than entertainment; it's an experience. Get ready to be transported to a world of music, where the beats are always fresh, the vibes are always infectious, and the dance floor is always on fire!

Meet some of our talented DJ's and be sure to join us for an unforgettable night of music, dancing, and celebration!


DJ SLim is a professional in every sense of the word and has been entertaining thousands of people from private parties to nightclubs across Ontario, Canada. A successful DJ for over 25 years, he has led the pack in choosing the hits and anthems from most influential music genres over the past 4 decades in House, Dance, Latin and Top 40. DJ SLim prides himself on being an ambassador to dance music and culture. Over the years, DJ SLim has established his performances as a "tour de force" style DJ capable of adapting to current trends while maintaining his integrity and love for dance music. Currently, a beloved resident at X Club, (Canada's Premier "Lifestyle" nightclub in Toronto) DJ SLim uses this platform to successfully master the art of "selling" his musical passion to audiences in his own unique way.

DJ Splinter & DJ Anzini

M2 Super DJ Group is the electrifying collaboration of two musical maestros, DJ Splinter and Anzini. With a shared passion for pulsating beats and sonic innovation, this dynamic duo has carved their niche in the global electronic music scene. DJ Splinter, a master of turntables, and Anzini, a wizard of synthesizers, seamlessly blend their talents to create an explosive fusion of sound.Their performances are legendary, captivating audiences with a mesmerizing mix of genres, from house to techno, and beyond. M2's energy is infectious, setting dance floors ablaze worldwide. Their innovative compositions and unparalleled stage presence have cemented their status as trailblazers in the electronic music realm, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.


Introducing SuppaHotFire, a dynamic DJ and music curator hailing from central Mississauga. With a decade of experience under his belt, SuppaHotFire has consistently ignited dancefloors with his impeccable selection of tracks. He's had the honor of sharing stages with renowned artists like Green Velvet, Virtual Riot, and 12th Planet, and has graced the Ever After music festival with his electrifying sets. When SuppaHotFire takes the decks, you can be sure that a night of unforgettable music and euphoria awaits. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the magic he brings to every performance.

Dj ShelShock

Dj ShelShock is a open format Toronto based DJ who started rocking the dance floors of Southern Ontario over 15 years ago……and he continues to rock parties internationally today!

Spinning the best in House Music, Deep House, Classic House, Top40, Mash-Ups, Urban, Latin, Reggae, and Soca. Dj Shelshock has become one of the most versatile and requested DJ's in the Toronto Night Club & Lounge scene. His mixing skills, extensive music library and ability to read a crowd has proven him to be a dance floor favourite.

Most recently Dj ShelShock has had the honour of headlining with DJ Mark Oliver and Brad Goldfinger @ BabyFace Night Club Canada.

DJ Gene

Growing up in Montreal during the 70's and 80's, Gene King's childhood was heavily influenced by a plethora of good, rich Music. At the age of 13, King, who had already been dabbling with musical instruments, then naturally discovered the art of deejaying and hence started playing high school dances and roller-skating rinks, soon after. From 1982 to 1987, King played at various dance clubs all over Montreal, Canada. Relocating to Toronto in 1987, Gene began playing steady gigs all around town, from well-known nightclubs, to smaller, more intimate venues and private events. By the early 90's, Gene's love affair with studio production began. Now, over 20 years later, he has garnered love from true House Music fans across the globe by moulding an impressive discography for numerous ground-breaking Dance Music labels such as : Contraband, A&M, BMG, KMS, Defender, Slip N'Slide, Debut, Hi-Bias, Warner, Easy Street Records, Ultrasound, Philosophie Music,/Jellybean Records, and finally, the powerhouse 157 Shelter Records, the legendary staple out of New York City. In October 2005, King founded his very own Shines Records imprint, which later spawned Plusgroove Records, releasing such dance-floor faves as "Sunrise" (by Genetix ft. Shanchoy), "Do with You" (by Suges ft. Limore), and many others. The year 1993 saw King joining the ranks of Toronto's CKLN 88.1 FM, where he began deejaying "on the air" for the Midnight Madness show (later known as Soul Fusion Express). Soon enough, King branched off to create and produce his very own Vibes N Vinyl weekly radio show at CKLN, which turned into a quintessential T-dot staple for House Music fans.


Is a combination of hard work,reputation and dedication over 20 years of experience,every opportunity will blow your mind and turn house-parties,venues,night clubs,arenas into the best parties,always creating great atmosphere,bringing the best skills heart,passion and technology for you.. I'm the top Mexican Dj in Toronto, International Dj and Vj producer DJMEXX is the new sexy rhythm in Canada