Frequently Asked Questions

What is The X Club?
The X Club is Canada's premier lifestyle nightclub, where intrigue and elegance meet in an atmosphere of open-minded exploration. The X Club is a haven for curious individuals seeking an unforgettable experience. As the largest and hottest lifestyle nightclub in the country, we cater to couples, single females, and single males alike.
At The X Club, we provide a space where you can feel comfortable and move at your own pace. Whether you're new to this vibrant lifestyle or a seasoned adventurer, our club offers a welcoming and exhilarating environment where you can embrace your desires and fantasies. With a tiered membership system, we offer options to suit your preferences and desires

What is Newbie Night and How does it work?
Join us for Newbie Night, a special evening held on the first Friday of every month! From 9 PM to 10 PM, first-time visitors to our club can skip the yearly membership fee. However, after 10 PM, all attendees, including new members, are required to have a club membership.
But here's the best part: New members entering between 9 PM and 10 PM have the exclusive opportunity to purchase a membership for just $80! This special rate is available on the same night, before the event concludes.
Newbies attending our Newbie Night will also enjoy a guided tour of the club, where our rules and regulations are explained, and they'll have the chance to meet and mingle with other newcomers. It's the perfect way to kickstart your journey at The X Club and make new connections in a vibrant atmosphere.

How do I become a member of The X Club?
Joining The X Club and unlocking a world of thrilling experiences is a simple and seamless process. We offer a range of membership options to cater to your preferences. Memberships and entry can be purchased in advance online under any selected event, or at the door upon entry, by cash only.

What are the different membership tiers available, and what are their benefits?
See our Membership section for full details.

Do I need a membership to enter The X Club?
A membership is mandatory for entry into The X Club for all members, patrons and guests, for every night of entry. All patrons must become members and hold a valid membership to gain entry. With the exception of Newbie Night, which takes place on the first Friday of every month. On Newbie Night, you can enter the club without a membership for your first visit, but this offer is valid only until 10pm. You will be required to pay for cover charge on Newbie night to gain entry, but not purchase a full year's membership.

Can singles join The X Club, and if so, what are the requirements?
Both single women and single male are welcome to the X Club! Single males are welcome on Friday nights, while Saturdays are exclusively reserved for single females and couples. All our other events are open to individuals of all orientations and backgrounds. The X Club is intentionally designed to provide a distinct atmosphere compared to downtown clubs. Our commitment to inclusivity and a welcoming environment is unwavering. To find specific pricing details and any event-related restrictions, we recommend referring to our X Club event calendar. For information regarding single men's membership, including associated costs and access limitations, please feel free to contact us.

Is there an age restriction for entry into The X Club?
The X Club is all about escaping your every day routine and having fun. The average age of our clientele is between 25 and 60, as you must be 21 years and older to become a member. We are working very hard to create the type of environment that will keep you coming back for a long time and hopefully have you bringing friends as well

What special events and super parties does The X Club host, and how can I attend them?
The X Club hosts a variety of special events and super parties throughout the year to provide our members with unique and exciting experiences. Stay in the loop with our event calendar on our website or social media for upcoming themes, dates, and requirements. To attend our special events and super parties, you need to be a member of The X Club. Make sure your membership is up-to-date and aligns with the event's access requirements. Secure your spot with tickets for special events and super parties! Be sure to check the event details as entry prices for special events and super parties are higher than regular weekends. For super parties like NYE, St. Patty's, and Halloween, indulge in treats and enjoy a limo shuttle to and from the hotel for all members! Join us for unforgettable moments and experience the exhilarating events at The X Club!

Are there any dress code guidelines I should be aware of before visiting The X Club?
We highly recommend dressing elegantly and in a manner that leaves a lasting impression. As an upscale club, we encourage our guests to embrace a sexy and sensual yet smart-casual dress code. Additionally, please keep in mind that certain theme nights may require specific attire. Please be aware that the following attire is not permitted: gym attire, sneakers, t-shirts, sports jerseys, hoodies, baseball caps, torn jeans, shorts, and any other forms of casual wear. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining the upscale ambiance of our club.

Is there parking available at The X Club?
We are located in a very discreet industrial area of Mississauga. This location was chosen intentionally so that we could ensure the privacy of our guests. We have ample parking close to the front doors of the club. Our staff is committed to your safety and comfort so that you can focus on having a great time!

What are the club's operating hours?
Our Regular Hours of Operation:
Join us every Friday and Saturday from 9pm to 3am for unforgettable nights at The X Club.
Special Events Hours:
For our exclusive special events, please check our Events Page for specific hours of operation. Don't miss out on the excitement – our calendar is your key to extraordinary experiences!

What about Bottle Service?
At The X Club, we take pride in offering an exceptional bar and bottle service designed to enhance your nightlife experience to the fullest. Whether you're celebrating with friends, hosting a private event, or simply seeking a night of opulence, our bar and bottle service at The X Club adds an extra layer of sophistication and indulgence to your experience.
      Our Bar accepts cash, debit and credit card payments. Single transactions must be paid in cash, otherwise a credit card is required to start a tab that can be paid at the end of the night.
      Bottle service can be booked ahead online with a deposit, reserved with a dedicated member of our team, or you can ask for bottle service when you come to the club. Bottle service seating is subject to availability*
      See our bottle service for packages and a menu of the bottles we offer.

What are the rules of the Club?
CONSENT IS MANDATORY EVERYWHERE IN THE CLUB ~ dancefloor, orgy room, kink room, no matter where. Ensure to ask for consent before you engage in any kind of touching, playing or kissing. There is no videography or photography allowed anywhere in the club , except in our designated photo booth area. There is no smoking or vaping allowed anywhere in the club. For single men attending on a Friday night: Single Males are NOT allowed in open play area regardless if accompanied with a couple or with females. With the exception of FREAKY FRIDAY (the last Friday of every month) SINGLE MALES are allowed unaccompanied in open play area.

How does the Play Space work?
The play area at our club is divided into two distinct sections: One section features private rooms and a kink room where clothing is optional. The second section comprises an open play area where guests are required to dress down to underwear, lingerie, be nude, or use towels as appropriate attire. You are welcome to move between the private and open sections as you desire; however, it's essential to adhere to the clothing guidelines at all times. For your convenience, we provide lockers in the back play area. Please be aware that the open play area is exclusively for single females and couples on every Friday and Saturday night, except for Freaky Friday (which occurs on the last Friday of each month). During Freaky Friday events, this is the ONLY time single men are permitted in the open play area.

What is a Munch?
The X Munch is a social gathering for like-minded people! Connect with friends in a safe and secure location! Ever been curious, want to explore the kink community or just want to connect with like minded people… The X Munch is a great opportunity to do it all! The X Munch is a social gathering that happens the last Thursday of every month at Capone's Cocktail Lounge beginning at 7pm. Grab a drink, a bite to eat, and connect with others in the community. Only $5 cash at the door, & all are welcome to join! *Fetish attire encouraged* *No membership required*