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The X Club is Canada’s largest, hottest & most elegant lifestyle nightclub catering to upscale couples, single females and pre-screened/selected single males.  It’s the place where curious and open minded individuals who’ve never attended a club like this before can feel comfortable and move at their own pace.  The X Club throws a variety of themed events and a selected number of Super Parties per year which continue to be SOLD OUT.  During these events the club will give you a mind blowing, sensory overloading Xperience which will only leave couples wanting more.  Dare to follow the X-rated bunny down the rabbit hole?

The People

You'll meet mature people of all ages and professions. The one thing members have in common is their open mindedness & willingness to try new things. They share respect for one another, and value privacy. Members understand that "it's an attitude not an action"!

The Xperience

Dance the night away, fill your senses with the beauty of people around you, or just sit in one of our lavish seating areas and watch the exciting progression of events around you. Participate in the themed nights, dare to bare, or dress to impress. X is where you are able to freely fulfil all of your wildest fantasies.

The Club

A clean, upscale and comfortable setting designed to let you and your partner explore as much or as little as you like.

Where mainstream meets the open minded.

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The X Club, bar and lounge is Canada’s most elegant on premise nightclub catering to upscale couples, single females and pre screened / approved single males (over 25 years of age). The X Club is a lifestyle night club for couples first and are passionate about creating a comforting and yet exciting atmosphere for all to enjoy. We invite all open minded couples & singles to The X Club that enjoy exploring their deepest fantasies and erotic side.

Open minded members
Square feet of adult fun
Xclusive events a year
Unforgettable experience

What other members are saying...

"As a single woman, I would like to compliment the friendly staff and guests that have always made me feel welcomed and comfortable. I have always been able to enter the club alone without feeling awkward or unsafe..."

More honest feedback from members...

"The X Club is a sophisticated nightclub, with a seductively stylish edge. Every detail creates a sensual evening: eclectic music, mixing the most booty-shakin' contemporary dance-floor beats, spiced with terrific retro-groves..."

Join a group of like-minded mature adults

Anybody can sign-up for our free email newsletter or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. But to become a member of The X Club we have rules that must be followed. This is done to assure all our members have a fun and pleasurable experience. Respect and privacy for all is imperative.


We have special events happening every week at X, including Super Parties which are minimum 5 times a year and each has their unique twists and surprises for all to enjoy (sold out events). Here's just a few signature parties we throw each year...


The X Club was founded 14 years ago so like minded individuals would have a safe environment to meet and socialize. If you’re ready to join the lifestyle and be apart of something special we encourage you to come out and Xperience one of our events first hand. You can also sign-up for our free email newsletter below or send us any questions you might have to info@thexclub.net where we’d be more then happy to answer any of your concerns. We also host a Meet & Greet every third Friday of each month starting at 9pm and goes till 10pm.   This is available for FREE to all new and curious couples looking to Xperience The X Club for the first time and are under no obligations.  The Meet & Greet offers first time couples an opportunity to explore the club and get familiar with all that can happen with in the lifestyle through a private or open discussion.  The owners of the club will greet you and provide you with a tour. After the Meet & Greet you are welcomed to stay and enjoy the evening and all it has to offer.

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