From Us to You

From Us to You


From Us to You

The X Club
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From the Desk of Hanna


I’m going to be totally honest with you; this letter I’ve put off writing for well over a year and actually have been really thankful of that. I knew writing it was going to be difficult.

However a recent event involving another venue called into question the integrity with which we operate The X Club and since every coin has two sides, I felt this overdue letter was the most appropriate way to share some very important information with you.

First, our entire team week to week is focused on 1 thing… creating a unique, sexy and memorable experience for you whenever you step into the club. Part of that involves literally countless hours (years invested) building relationships, networking, brainstorming, planning and spreading brand awareness.

I’m not complaining… trust me, every second spent is worth it because the end result is an amazing experience and really happy members… our only goal here at X.

We want the industry to grow, thrive and spread…

But at the same time we expect businesses operating within the community to respect established brands by developing and nurturing their own unique ideas.

This brings me to the reason for this letter. Recently a claim was made about our “interference” with another LS event. And being 100% honest, the very last item on our “fun things to-do list” is get involved with matters not concerning X.

However when the act is seen as repeated or has the potential to impact the club, membership or brand itself negatively… we must get involved. We have a responsibility to our members to do so. Relationships that have been nurtured and grown over the years or creative ideas developed should not be leveraged as a shortcut for another businesses benefit.

The way we see it, there is enough room on the LS playground for everyone to create and share their own vivid and wildly unique experience.

This matter is closed now, but it was extremely important I share why we do what we do before we shut it completely.

In your corner always,

Hanna (X)

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