COVID-19 Safety Regulations


EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 22ND, you will need to provide proof of vaccination to access certain businesses and settings. This rule applies to The X Club. Please have Passport, Proof of Vaccination and ID ready upon entry. No exceptions except a note from physicians.

To continue to combat the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, The X Club announced that attendees (including staff and guests) will soon be required to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result to gain access to the venue. The decision came after serious consideration including ongoing consultation with local Public Health Officials.

Given the nature of our business as well as the human interaction at the venue and being representatives of the Lifestyle community we recognize the responsibility to provide attendees with a safe and secure environment. These health and safety protocols are the key to allowing our communities and businesses to reopen safely, to ultimately permit full capacity events, and to protect against further lockdowns.

The X Club will begin implementing these rules September 3.

In anticipation of these protocols we ask all guests to proof of vaccination or recent (72 hours) negative COVID test result. Details of how the programs will be implements will be posted here.

Prior to Opening:

  • Hired Professional HVAC to service and repair AC unit and ventilation is property set up for maximum ventilation, filtration – using filters to remove viral particles from the air
  • Kept on during off hours as well. Door to be kept open at Front Entrance and back play area
  • Staff meeting held to discuss Covid screen and protocols
  • Patrons MUST be Fully Vaccinated OR bring a Recent Negative Covid Test result (72 Hours) to gain entry. This will be screened outside of the club to make it more safe.
  • Rapid Test Device mandatory for Staff and available for patrons upon entry
  • Capacity limit of 102 patrons (10,000 sf building)
  • Doorman to control entry of patrons as not to crowd the hallway
  • Plexiglass screen has been placed to protect the Front desk staff and patrons
  • Covid Vaccination posters and capacity Posters clearly hung on front entrance doors, hallway and bathrooms
  • Pre Paid Ticket Sales to be able to control any crowd
  • Covid Screening Questionnaire to be read and completed PRIOR to patrons entering premise
  • Doorman and front desk staff to remind patrons of Covid Distancing Rules


Staff Screening

  • Advised all workers to monitor their own symptoms at all times, including while at work:
  • ensure workers know what to do if they start to experience symptoms at work
  • Aask workers to use the self-assessment tool at home if they have any symptoms and to follow the instructions


Extra masks available for patrons

Hired Additional Cleaner:  sole focus is to clean all areas of the club through the evening by using Disinfecting product, having hand sanitizer available in several locations:

identify commonly touched surfaces and commonly used areas in your workplace and scheduled cleaning (every 30 min) a schedule to clean and disinfect them

consider whether there are high-touch surfaces that may need to be cleaned and disinfected more often

assign tools, equipment and workstations to a single user if possible, or limit the number of users

  • front desk
  • all bathrooms
  • bar
  • adjoining play area


Club layout for maximum protection

Increased seating are near washrooms, spaced out 6 ft

Seating sections laid out to keep a safe separation not face to face seating

Physical Plexiglass barrier installed at Coat check.

Bar is set up to give 6 ft distance / barrier for patrons-staff

Staff to wear Facemask’s


Private rooms encouraged for couples

Flow of patrons one way into play area, circle around to avoid cross over


  • names, email, phone of each patron and staff kept on file

Play Area

Private rooms encouraged for couples

Baskets placed near play rooms for any lines and towels to be disposed

Staff to wear disposable gloves and mask at all times, replace gloves after handing lined.

Play rooms to be cleaned by both patrons and staff immediately after use

Cleaning / disinfected wipes to be in each place area

Masks to be worn when physical distancing is not possible

Operators must ensure that patrons maintain two metres of physical distance from others, except when physical distancing cannot be maintained while participating in the activities for which patrons normally frequent bathhouses or sex clubs.

The following requirements apply to food or drink establishments where dance facilities are provided, including nightclubs, restroclubs and other similar establishments, when patrons are permitted to make use of the dance facilities:

Capacities: the total number of members of the public permitted to be in the establishment at any one time must be limited to the number that can maintain a physical distance of at least two metres from every other person in the establishment, and in any event may not exceed:

Indoors: 25 per cent capacity or 250 persons, whichever is less. This capacity limit applies to each particular room in the business, place, facility or establishment where dance facilities are provided, during periods of time when dancing is permitted.Area

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