Origin of the Super Party

Origin of the Super Party


Origin of the Super Party

I’m writing this sitting here at home reflecting on how magical 2015 has been.

The LS community continues to grow and is as strong as ever.

The number of new couples joining the club continues to increase each month.

And previous attendance records were smashed with some of the most memorable Super Parties ever. Which is funny when you consider the whole “Super Party” concept almost never came to be.

When we took over the club back in 2013 the first major discussion was “how can we do more?”

Now when I say “more”, I don’t mean “how can we stuff more people into the club?”

I meant how can we do more for you?

Things like:

  • How can we create a more vibrant, exotic, erotic experience for you?
  • How can we book the premiere level entertainment you rightly deserve?
  • How can we keep it fresh week to week and month to month?

So in January 2014 the idea of hosting large (and outrageously naughty) events once per month was conceived.

The idea was that even if you couldn’t make it out each weekend, these mega parties would give you a chance to see all your friends and partake in night of steamy adult fun.

Unfortunately, and I guess like all good things, it didn’t come together right away.

Before I knew we were into the August and still scrambling to launch it properly.


But there was a silver lining…

The delays meant we could really test the Super Party concept full force and no-holds-barred for the clubs fast approaching 9th Year Anniversary Party (September 20, 2014).

The announcement and promise was really quite simple…

“Hey everyone, if you come out and support the 9 year anniversary Super Party, we promise to provide the most elegant, classy and erotic experience all year”.

Thankfully the membership came out in full force and we honestly enjoyed one of the most memorable nights in the clubs history.



The following week there was so such overwhelmingly positive feedback that I knew the Super Party concept needed to become a regular occurrence. Halloween, New Year’s Eve, Anniversary, Valentines and a few other special nights would be completely overhauled to include the Super Party concept.

Fast forward a year later and X’s 10th Anniversary Super Party literally smashed every club record in a single night. Even today – nearly 2 months later – I still think back and get vivid flashbacks of the people, music and vibe. Magic.

Of course like anything good, the Super Party concept has become popular (inside our industry and out) and others liberally use the term. But in a strange way, this excites me because I know our impact on the community is being felt; ultimate goals achieved and sexy vision for X is right on track.

As incredible and exciting as 2015 has been (and it has!), what I have planned for 2016 is going to quite literally rock you to your very core.

Until then hun, make sure you get your tickets for the upcoming Hollywood Glam NYE Super Party. I’m 100% “all in” and ready to create the unique and glamorous red carpet experience you deserve.

It’s one destined for records books.


Hanna (The X Club)

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