Dress Code Reminder

Dress Code Reminder


Dress Code Reminder

Just a quick dress code reminder…

Even during the Spring/Summer months the dress code remains the same. Meaning shorts, baseball hats, torn jeans and sandals are not appropriate… unless we announce that is part of the theme night. The club is nicely air conditioned and we’re renovating an area right now to speed up entry.

Regarding music volume… the X Club does have a very big sound system. This was custom installed after overwhelming member feedback that the old system was outdated and sucked.

But X is divided into 2 sections, so if you feel the music is a bit to loud then we highly encourage you to explore the other half of the club. Also Friday vs. Saturday is quite a different experience…

Fridays tend to be an older, more mature crowd. So they DJ and music cater to this sexy crowd. Saturdays tend to be a younger members so again the DJ’s and music selection reflect that.

Let us know if you have any questions.



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