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A night you’ll never forget…

The X Club nightclub, bar and lounge is Ontario’s most elegant on premise nightclub catering to upscale couples, single females and pre screened / approved single males (over 25 years of age). Single men are only allowed to attend The X Club on their own on Thursday (when open), Friday nights and Sunday nights (when open). We limit the number of single men to 15 per event at the club. Single males may attend The X Club on Saturday nights (max 15 per event) when they accompany a couple to the club. We invite people to The X Club that enjoy exploring their deepest fantasies and erotic side.

The X Club setting is clean, comfortable, respectful and always edgy (please take a look at our X Club virtual video tour). The X Club nightclub, bar and lounge is located in Mississauga, Ontario and is definitely the place to be if you and your partner are uninhibited, curious and daring. The X Club is also a place where people who have never attended a club like this can feel comfortable and move at your own pace. Dance the night away, fill your senses with the beauty of the people around you, or just sit in one of our lavish seating areas and watch the exciting progression of The X Club’s sexual energy. The choice is yours. The typical age range of guests that attend The X Club is between 25 and 50 years of age with the majority of our guests (over 50%) being in their mid 30’s.

The X Club staff will be more than happy to show you around with their primary objective being your comfort, and if you desire, introduce you to other couples at The X Club.

What you can expect @ X



The People

You'll meet mature people of all ages and professions. The one thing members have in common is their willingness to try new things.


The Xperience

Dance, fill your senses with the beauty of people around you or just sit in a lavish seating area and watch the progression of events around you.


The Club

A clean, upscale and comfortable setting designed to let you and your partner explore as much or as little as you like.

Bottle Service

Bottle service includes everything from Grey Goose Vodka and Bacardi, right to Dom Perignon and Hennessy. Also request VIP bottle service seating.


We play a wide range of music, but everything is meant to put people in a dancing mood. You can expect to hear Top 40, house, techno and much more.


The Marriott Residence Inn and Courtyard by Marriott are both extremely close to our location. You can learn more about hotel reservations here.

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